The Independent Smallholders Urged that The Conditions to do SRP Should be Easy

From left: Pahala Sibuea (Samade), Sabarudin (SPKS), Alvian Arahma (Apkasindo) and Bambang Gianto (Aspekspir)
The Independent Smallholders Urged that The Conditions to do SRP Should be Easy

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Chairman of Asosiasi Petani Kelapa Sawit Indonesia (Apkasindo), Alvian Arrahman hoped that to increase the palm oil productivity by running smallholders’ replanting program (SRP) could be supported by the easy procedures for the smallholders and the conditions should be simplified in one or two only.

Some time ago, Ministry of Agriculture decided eight conditions for the smallholders to run SRP. But the smallholders are difficult to fulfill the conditions namely about the Cultivation Documents.

He also emphasized that the related agency in district/city is obliged to publish the Cultivation Document but the district/city has no fund to make data about the independent and plasma smallholders.

Vice Chairman of Sawitku Masa Depanku (Samade), Pahala Sibuea also reminded that President Joko Widodo promised in October 2018 in the IPOC (Indonesian Palm Oil Conference) in Bali that the smallholders should have no difficulty (to run SRP), but should have one condition only, he said.

Meanwhile General Secretary of Serikat Petani Kelapa Sawit (SPKS), Mansuetus Darto, urged the government, the private company and the biodiesel industry to cooperate and help the smallholders where they operate or cultivate. Don’t let them work alone without development.

He asked that the SRP should focus not only the replanting because not every smallholder needs it. “There are still other issues that the smallholders need of, such as, incentive capital to multiply their income from the fresh fruit bunch (FFB) price which gets cheaper, and the food security,” he said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently. (T2)   


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