The Platform of Ulula Provides the Issues about Palm oil Labors

The Platform of Ulula Provides the Issues about Palm oil Labors

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Days before in June 2018 a multi-stakeholder which focuses to the sustainable implementation in palm oil plantations, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) did strategic partnership with Ulula, one software company to introduce the simplified mechanism and inclusively to report the accident and the potential violation to the labors and monitor the satisfaction of the employees and social investment in palm oil plantations.

It is admitted or not, palm oil has become one optional material for food, personal care, cleanser, and cosmetics industries which gives many advantages for the producer countries from the partnership developed among the companies and the smallholders. It has high productivity and kinds of usage.

But until now the production of industrial plantation, including palm oil is a topic to discuss in its relationship with the origin, and the negative effect assumption to the social and the environment.

The chain of stock of palm oil until now is one difficult thing to be monitored because of its complexity. In the big scale of palm oil plantations, it is proven that it is the challenge for the surveyor to monitor the rights and the condition of the labors and in the end it raises the proposal to reform this industry.

At this point, it needs innovation by using non-traditional tools to increase the monitoring system within high accountability. The partnership between RSPO and Ulula started by the pilot project in the independent field verification within the complaint case in North Sumatera which the goal is to test the tool produced by Ulula to manage the palm oil plantation for the first time.

The Test in Sabah with Wilmar International

The cooperation between RSPO and Ulula now increases by testing using phone in thee report that guarantees the secrecy in Sabah, Malaysia. The one year test in 2019 is know the tool implementation in the field which in the end, RSPO hoped to provide more tools to help the members to solve and increase the condition of the labors.

In this program, RSPO and Ulula designed survey and feedback instruments which are the same with the Principles and Criteria (P&C) RSPO 2018 about the labors and human rights. It was launched in January 2019 in Lahad Datu, Sabah, Malaysia.

One member of RSPO, Wilmar International took participation to facilitate the launching and developed the trust with the labors, stakeholders, managements. The staffs of RSPO visited four plantations and factories belonging to Wilmar to introduce the initiative.

The program has two main components. The survey was done in two parts, they are, the first was to the phones of the labors and there was feedback that could be safe in secrecy and free. The labors could tell their issues, propose questions and share the feedback to RSPO about the condition when working.

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