Four Biodiesel Companies Nationally Face the Anti-subsidy Accusation

Four Biodiesel Companies Nationally Face the Anti-subsidy Accusation

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The publication of Bea Masuk Imbalan Sementara (BMIS) Temporary Reward Import Duty in the website of European Union on 23 July 2019 made speculation and interpretation which were not fully right.

Ministry of Trade said that the investigation process is not done and the numbers of anti-subsidy could still change until the final determination in January 2020.

From the information that InfoSAWIT got, the temporary result of subsidy for biodiesel producers is smaller (8-18%) that it in Argentine (26.2-27,2 %) which was definitely published.

Biodiesel producers nationally would face the trade barrier, such as, Wilmar Group (PT. Wilmar Nabati Indonesia and PT. Wilmar Bioenergi Indonesia).

Then Musim Mas Group (PT. Intibenua Perkasatama and PT. Musim Mas), Permata Grup (PT. Pelita Agung Agrindustri dan PT. Permata Hijau Palm Oleo), and PT. Ciliandra Perkasa would too.

The four groups and companies on 20 December 2018 knew that European Union did not take sample so that every biodiesel producers that exported to Europe in October 2017 to September 2018 should answer the questions based on the information from EU Note Verbale Ref. Ares (2018)6566934-19/12/2018.

Now the government of Indonesia actively and pro-actively approaches since before the initiation started. The government has run pre-initiation consultation directly to the head-quarter of European Commission in Brussels. “The good coordination in the domestic is running with the related instance and ministries, law firm, and the accused companies,” Ministry of Trade noted. (T2)



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