The Ways to Improve in Palm Oil Sector

The Ways to Improve in Palm Oil Sector

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Palm oil plantation development is always improved. Since 2011 the government published the sustainable cultivation which is now known as Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO).

Besides ISPO, the government also published palm oil moratorium since the end of 2018. Though it runs for about six months, the policy may be still on paper because it is not maximally implemented yet.

But at least the two important policies are the real descriptions that Indonesia is committed to improve the palm oil plantation development.

It is not easy to improve. Lots of challenges are always ahead. In the ISPO implementation itself, many face issues. Some regulations are overlapping and difficult to run in the fields.

The government in the last two years arranges the National Action Plans (NAP) of Sustainable Palm Oil.

It started from the making of Forum Kelapa Sawit Berkelanjutan Indonesia (FoKSBI) to make sure that the NAP, Provincial Action Plans (PAP) and District Action Plans (DAP).The plans are synchronized to accelerate the sustainable palm oil plantation.

The forum keeps getting inputs from others to make sure that every action plan could be sustainably done in each level.

Now FOKSBI has been made in three provinces, they are, Riau, North Sumatera, and West Kalimantan. The three are in the final process of NAP from each province.

Meanwhile in the district level, there are three districts joining FOKSBI, they are, Pelalawan, Sintang, and South Tapanuli; the last two districts are in the final process to arrange DAP.

Every action plan should make the issues, goal, the program to do, output indicator, monitoring and the coordination in every sector run well and it is hoped to make sure that the implementation in the district could have sustainable palm oil development well too. To know more about these, dear readers could read in the Focus, Majalah InfoSAWIT, April 2019. (T2)



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