The Independent Smallholders Are Encouraged to Make Partnership and Union

The Independent Smallholders Are Encouraged to Make Partnership and Union

InfoSAWIT, PANGKAL PINANG – The cheap fresh fruit bunch (FFB) is the main issue for the smallholders namely the independent ones because of the weak bergaining position.

To get the normal price in the independent level, the government through Regulation of Minister of Agriculture No. 01 / 2018 regulated that the independent smallholders in one overlay should make union and then make partnership with the near palm oil factory (POF).

“The partnership should be in the form of written Agreement of Cooperation and witnessed by the related Developed Instance,” Head of Domestic Marketing, General Directorate of Plantation, Ministry of Agriculture, Elvy said in the Temu Mitra Koperasi Petani Kelapa Sawit untuk Pengembangan Kelapa Sawit Berkelanjutan in Hotel Novotel, Bangka, in the end of July 2019 which Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) facilitated.

In the seminar, it was revealed that Bangka Belitung provincial government followed up the regulation by publishing Regulation of Governor No. 14 / 2019. It has been socialized. The independent smallholders and the POF welcome the regulation too. The FFB sold to the POF is from the smallholders’ institutions, such as, union. To accelerate the making of the independent institution, the program relates to the data to run smallholders’ replanting program and the infrastructure helps.

Deputy assistant of Agriculture and Plantation, Ministry of Cooperation and Small Business, Dewi told that it needs to make the good system in the business process between the plasma union and the main company or for the independent union, it needs to encourage them to make partnership with the main company so that the union would not sell the FFB to the middlemen of DO owner. This would make them get the normal price. The partnership is important too for it could implicate to the quality of the replanting that the union would run.

In the end of the meeting, Komisi Pengawasan Persaingan Usaha (KPPU) also told that the regulation for the commission to monitor the partnership is the Laws No. 20 / 2008. If there is potential to break the business competition, it could be reported to the Chairman of KPPU cq., the regional KPPU by telling the chronology in detail and put the ID. If it is about to make partnership, do it well by prioritizing the partnership principles. (T2)


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