2023 RSPO Targets, the Sustainable Palm Oil Production Reaching 23 Million Tons

2023 RSPO Targets, the Sustainable Palm Oil Production Reaching 23 Million Tons

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The cheap crude palm oil (CPO) price in the world has pressed the palm oil industries, namely the growers in Indonesia. Then what about the sustainable palm oil trade in the world?

Community Outreach & Engagement Manager, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Indonesia, Imam A El Marzuq said that the sustainable palm oil production in the world is still from the two main producers, they are, Indonesia and Malaysia.

He thought, if talking about the markets, lots of stakeholders are committed to use certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) and it widely opens to the CSPO.

There are two criteria which are potential to trade, they are, the countries within the high consumption and they are mostly in the Asian countries, and the second is those which have powerful economy.

“Japan, China, and India start to use CSPO and so the Middle East countries do too,” he said in the Forum Group Discussion (FGD) of Sawit Berkelanjutan: Diskusi Sawit Bagi Negeri Vol 3, within the theme “Peluang Pasar  Sawit Berkelanjutan Indonesia” that InfoSAWIT did in Hotel Akmani, Jakarta, Wednesday (7/8/2019).

Producing sustainable palm oil makes the chance to protect the environment, for instance, the Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) scheme in RSPO focuses not only to maximize the production but also to involve in preserving and protecting the environment.

Indonesia and Malaysia are still the main sustainable palm oil producers in the world. “Indonesia reflects that the stakeholders, including the smallholders, and the partnership and independent scheme keep doing it in the field though there are lots of issues ahead. This proves that the superiority of palm oil from Indonesia has been tested,” he said.

He also mentioned that in 2023 RSPO targeted that the CSPO production in the world could be reaching 23 million tons, and encouraged to absorb it globally.

So he continued, the strategy to do is to encourage that the planters (growers/the companies) still commit and fulfill their Time Bond Plan (TBP).

Besides, RSPO also targeted that in 2023, the markets could absorb the CSPO production both by physically trade, credits, and by other certificate schemes.

For information, the CSPO production from Indonesia by June 2019 reached 7.819.243 tons, from 195 certified palm oil factories (POFs). The numbers are not put by the independent POFs. The RSPO palm oil volume by June 2019 increased from it in June 2018 that reached 6.372.147 tons.

In total the global CSPO production per June 2019 reached 14.197.452 tons, from 389 POFs, not including the independent POFs or 14.290.537 tons including the CSPO production from the certified independent smallholders. The numbers increased from those in June 2018 that reached 12.282.384 metric tons (MT) for the global CSPO.

Meanwhile the palm oil plantations certified by RSPO per June 2019 reached 3.891.983 hectares (ha), including the certified independent smallholders’ plantations or 3.867.226 ha without adding the independent smallholders’ plantations having RSPO certificates.


About Diskusi Sawit Bagi Negeri:

Diskusi Sawit Bagi Negeri was interactive discussion of the stakeholders nationally and presented many speakers to tell about palm oil. Its goal was to give and provide the right understanding about its existence and contribution to the country, social, and environment.

Diskusi Sawit Bagi Negeri was funded by Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA), RSPO, and Sinarmas as the strategic partners of InfoSAWIT and Palm Oil Magazine. The discussion took the stakeholders from the government, the growers, the researchers, organizations, social and environmental activists, and others to develop palm oil industries in Indonesia.

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