Technology of PKT is The Solution to the Uncertain Price

Technology of PKT is The Solution to the Uncertain Price

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Palm oil industries play the big roles in the economy of Indonesia but palm oil plantation business faces some issues because of the cheap crude palm oil (CPO). In the crisis like now, the plantation owners just harvest the fresh fruit bunch (FFB) without nursing or fertilizing the trees. These make the plantations worse.

“The commodity is sometimes up and down. In this situation the growers need to be wiser to do efficiency to have sustainable productivity,” DR. Supeno Surija, Ph.D., the CEO and Head of Research Plantation Key Technology (PKT) and who has lots of experiences for tens of years in leading the plantations, said.

If we do not care about the nursing and the fertilization, in the future, there would be decreasing production and the trees would be worse. It would take some time to improve them and when the price is stable, there would be no maximal profits to get from the moment.

In nowadays situation, it needs efficiency provided with the technology from Plantation Key Technology (PKT), that is, by determining the fertilizer formulation, MOAF® through the deep research and adjusting the targets in the plantations. This would make the fertilizer in the field give the better result within cheaper costs.

Deadly Threat

Besides the cheaper FFB, the stem rot disease caused by Ganoderma would be the threat in palm oil plantations. If it is infected by ganoderm, the tree would be falling down faster. Like the proverb said, ‘rub salt into the wound’ may be the same with ‘the cheaper FFB and there is not many FFB too’. To avoid this, we need to prevent and control the ganoderm.


Besides the latest technology of MOAF®, Plantation Key Technology (PKT) also discovered the CHIPS® which is as the only one vaccine to prevent and control ganoderm in 2016 and got the award from MURI (Museum Rekor Indonesia).


Within kinds of technology and non-stop deep research in palm oil plantations, PKT becomes one stop solution for the planters who want to be efficient and increase the productivity and also control the deadly disease.


Before Using Technology of PKT


The Condition of Leaves, the green leaves were yellowish, bad, dry and falling. There was Basidiokarp Ganoderma in the root stem that postponed to absorb the nutrients from the soil. Some spear leaves were not open.

These made the small production and there were lots of male flowers. In a study case, the trees which should be replanting produced small in numbers.


For example, in Jambi within the soil, PMK and sandy clay. The trees were planted in 2005 belonging to a private palm oil plantation company.

In March 2016 the plantations were infected by ganoderm. There was basidiokarp Ganoderma  in the stem root, the leaves were yellowish and the spear leaves did not open, the production was in small number.


After PKT (Plantation Key Technology/Propadu Konair Tarahubun) analyzed and formulated, in May 2016 MOAF® was applied to supply the micro and macro nutrients to improve the vegetative growth and the production. After that CHIPS® 2.1 was applied to control Ganoderma. After 4 month – application, the attack of ganoderm was in control. There were new roots and the nutrient absorption got more optimal.


The last observation in April 2019: the trees applied routine MOAF® showed the vegetative growth and had better production than the trees in other control blocks. It is shown in the table and dear readers could see the comparison of production numbers which are different from the trees having no MOAF® and CHIPS® application.


Table of Production Comparison between with or without MOAF® & CHIPS® application in the tree planted in 2005



Production (Kg/Ha/Year)

Without MOAF® & CHIPS®












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Published in InfoSAWIT, May 2019


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