3P Is Mentioned in the P&C RSPO 2018

Director of RSPO Indonesia, Tiur Rumondang
3P Is Mentioned in the P&C RSPO 2018

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - From what InfoSAWIT got, the draft of Principles and Criteria (P&C) RSPO 2018 was concluded and agreed in the 15th General Assembly to be implemented. The policy would adopt the same goals to strengthen the social development, protect the environment, realize economic sovereignty in every sustainable supply chain of palm oil.

Days before, the review of P&C RSPO 2013 was collaboratively done by many sides. In February 2018 every reference and element to be reviewed in the P&C RSPO had been agreed by the Boards of Governors of RSPO and also to determine the Steering Group (SG)

For the first time in March 2017 the review was officially done until October 2018. In the public consultation the Secretariat of RSPO got almost 11.500 comments from every individual stakeholder to be followed up, ratified, and in the end, they were agreed by voting in November 2018 in the General Assembly of RSPO.

The review also got further development from the additional standards and specially separated for the independent smallholders which would be also ratified in November 2019.

Director RSPO Indonesia, Tiur Rumondang said that there are some new changes in P&C RSPO 2018 from the 2013. The differences seem in the main goals of 3P which become the bases of the sustainable palm oil practice of RSPO.

In the previous, 3P stood for Profit, People, and Planet. But in P&C RSPO 2018, the main goal in Profit changes to be Prosperity. It means that the new base structure in sustainable palm oil practice in RSPO becomes the impact of prosperity which means, making the sector to be competitive, have sovereignty, and sustainability. The first ‘P’ covers Principle 1, to have ethics and be transparent; the Principle 2, to operate legally and respect the human rights; and Principle 3, to optimize the productivity, efficiency, have positive, and endurance.

The next impact, she continued, has something to do with the people. It means that the business should support the people to have sustainable source of living and may conquer the poverty.

The second ‘P’ covers Principle 4, which is, respecting the human rights and giving profits; the principle 5 is supporting the smallholders to participate and principle 6 is respecting the labors’ rights and the conditions in the work.


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