Candle Made of Palm oil is the New Potential Markets

Candle Made of Palm oil is the New Potential Markets

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The trend of the world society that is fond of using nature-base product takes place to the candle industries. By using the developing technology, candle could be produced by the natural materials, such as, palm oil.

Thousands of years ago, candle to make light until the early of 1990s until now, is used to religious activity or tradition of a nation. Though the candle is not the only one to enlighten, but for some people, candle is the tool to have romantic and religious situation.

The history noted that the candle was made of tallow (animal fat) in the Egyptian and Rome era. As time goes, the source of material to make candle develops too. Now candle could be made of bee-wax, bayberry, whale fat, and palm oil.

Vice President PT Biolina Trio Sintesa (BTS), Listyani Sidik Darmadi said that the reason why many use palm wax is because the world trend prefers using natural-base product for it is more sustainable.

She thought, some advantages of using palm wax is it does not produce black smoke if it burns, environmental, heat resistance so that it is not easy to bend, and lasts longer.

Within the support of palm oil as the abundant material in Indonesia, palm wax within its base, stearic acid (derivative of palm oil) could compete with other candle that is made of other materials.

If seen from the markets, palm wax is potential enough in the countries having four seasaons. “The countries in Europe, United States of America, and Australia are the biggest consumers of palm wax,” the lady who is familiar with Lani, said.

For example, Lani thought, candle is used by the citizens of Europe not only as the decoration, but when being evening, the candle is used to enlighten the dinner. The goal is to get more romantic situation from dim light of candle.

Not only to the foreign countries , the domestic markets are promising enough to sell palm wax. But for the citizens of Indonesia think that candle is to enlighten and prefer foreign products, this makes palm wax demand not big enough.

Based on what PT Biolina did, most of the candle demands derived from Jakarta and Bali. The candle is used to wedding event or decoration. Many places, such as, church, temple, and spa, do start using palm wax.

Selling palm wax has competitors too when the company started selling it in 1999. PT Biolina should compete with the companies producing candle made of fish oil which is developed by the Scandinavia countries.

“This is the big opportunity for Indonesia to expand the palm wax markets though there are competitors from Vietnam and India,” Lani said.

But it is not easy to develop palm wax. She thought, making or producing palm wax needs continuous creativity, for example, there should be arts so that the candle is not easy to attach and the way to put axis in the middle of the candle so it is easy to melt. (T2)


Published in InfoSAWIT, May 2009


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