Trying The Transportation Model to Harvest by Cable

Trying The Transportation Model to Harvest by Cable

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Many palm oil trees are planted in the hilly areas and this makes difficult to harvest the fresh fruit bunch (FFB) because the trees are tall enough and difficult to reach by vehicles. One thing to do is by carrying the FFB in the shoulder.

There would be many workers to do it or it is the same if the trees are planted in the peat. Of course this would make the transportation path difficult in the type of areas. To make the way to the vehicle to pass through would spend more investment.

So the tech lasso is now here which is developed by Swiss company, LASSO Technic AG. It is not doubtful for the company has more than 50 years of experience.

The Lasso cable is so flexible and would ease to design the cable in many forms. Actually the technology could be adjustable to the hilly and peat areas and the FFB harvest would be easy to do.

According to Country Representative LASSO Technic AG, Rein Wuisan, the mainstay of the technology is that it could operate (run) 24/7 and the position of the poles could be changed as the needs in the plantations or it could be permanently built.

He also thought that the Lasso cable could carry about 1 to 20 tons per hour. It could be more than 15 kilometers in length and this makes it able to carry burdens in many bends to many directions both right and left sides. “The cable could solve the most difficult position,” he said.

Having this mainstay, the plantations where the vehicles could not pass through or the harvesters could not harvest, would be easy to do by the Lasso cable.

It needs Rp 10 million per hectare of investment to implement the technology in the plantations. It may be expensive. But based on the calculation of LASSO Technic AG, if using this tech per year, the company could save about US$ 6.000/hectare/year.

The calculation is based on the FFB production per hectare that could be 30 ton/hectare within the yield 22%, and the FFB harvest in the difficult location reaching 10%,  and the last is the infrastructure maintenance per hectare.

The other mainstay of Lasso cable is to maximize the percentage of FFB harvest. If the FFB to harvest could not be reachable by the vehicle, by using the tech, the harvest would be easy in 24/7 and would be maximal to do. It could save the time, quality and accelerate the transportation. (T2)



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