Since 2015, The Research Cooperation in PFMA Made 40 Patent Rights

Since 2015, The Research Cooperation in PFMA Made 40 Patent Rights

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – According to Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA), since 2015 the cooperation done with more than 25 private and government universities, 15 non-university research institutions, 501 senior researchers, and 256 students have made 40 patent rights, 173 contracts to research palm oil, 158 national and international scientific publications, and 5 books.

PFMA claimed that the researches are about to increase the people’s economy by the policies which have been arranged based on the data and the adjusted science.

From what InfoSAWIT got, PFMA now prioritizes the fund researches for some purposes, such as, the first is to strengthen, develop, and increase the empowerment of the plantations and industries which should be in synergy from the upstream to downstream sectors.

The second is to consolidate the data of width, productivity of plantations, palm oil factories, and the smallholders together with Coordinator Ministry in Economy and related ministries/instances.

“The researches are needed to help and to arrange the policy to improve the governance of fresh fruit bunch (FFB), to increase the human resources, and develop the diplomacy strategy internationally,” Corporate Secretary, PFMA, Achmad Maulizal Sutawijaya said.

The third is to develop the domestic markets by using the vegetable fuel in palm oil – base. It would be led to the transportation, and the flight. (T2)


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