Sustainable Palm Oil City in Chester Style

Sustainable Palm Oil City in Chester Style

InfoSAWIT, LONDON – In the recent days, the politician from Labor Party, United Kingdom, Chris Matheson MP urged the ministers to do more and create the full sustainable palm oil chain supply. During the question and answer with the Department for Environment, Food, Rural Affairs (DEFRA), Chris challenged them to make sure that palm oil should be got from the sustainable process and vocalized his support to sustainable palm oil project in the Chester Zoo.

The zoo conservationists have developed the model of Sustainable Palm Oil City by hoping that it could help Chester to be the first city that adopts the Sustainable Palm Oil City status.

He also mentioned that the palm oil plantations have caused the damages of wide rain forest. As quoted from, Chris thought that the palm oil production increases fast in the last several decades, increases the concern to the environmental damages, and threatens the endangered animals.

He also thought that by erasing the conventional palm oil from the chain supply that is consumed in every single day, it would postpone the climate change damage. “I urged the government to firmly ensure that we fulfill the Amsterdam Declaration by encouraging the Full Sustainable Palm Oil Chain Supply in 2020,” he said (T2)


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