The Derivative Industries, Oleo-chemicals, Develop

The Derivative Industries, Oleo-chemicals, Develop

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - In January to April 2019, the export volume for the derivative industries within the base code, 15 HS Code reached about 180 thousand tons. This was positive. In 2018 the derivative product exports, based on Central Bureau of Statistic reached 2,76 million tons or higher than those in 2017 that reached 1,79 million tons.

The export values did too. For example in 2017, the derivative exports reached US$ 1,53 billion, while in 2018 the exports reached US$ 2,38 billion or increased about 35%. While the exports by April 2019 reached US$ 264 million.

Chairman of Asosiasi Produsen Oleokimia Indonesia (Apolin) Rapolo Hutabarat said that his side is optimist to the increasing exports when the economy may be in inflation about 3% and the economic progress may be about 5,2%. “It is hoped the export volume and the consumption would be going better,” he recently said.  (T2)


Published in InfoSAWIT, June 2019


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