The Government Published and Gave 19 Thousand Hectares to The People of Kalimantan

The Government Published and Gave 19 Thousand Hectares to The People of Kalimantan

InfoSAWIT,  PONTIANAK – The government keeps showing the partisanship to the (middle economic class) people, including the land ownership. Locating in Pontianak-West Kalimantan, Presiden RI, Joko Widodo gave the areas to the people of Kalimantan about 19.499,75 hectares to 760 people and 3.223 families.

“This is the process to distribute the areas and to give law enforcement. This is not to those who have large areas but for the people who have small areas. Theirs should be productive too but not be abandoned,” President Jokowi said last Thursday in Taman Hutan Digulis, Pontianak – West Kalimantan in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

The details of Tanah Obyek Reforma Agraria (TORA) from the forestry and indigenous forests in West Kalimantan are: the first, The Decision of TORA about Penyelesaian Penguasaan Tanah dalam Kawasan Hutan (PPTKH) in 1 district, West Kalimantan about 410,61 hectares, 510 men. They are not personal but also the local village areas (namely to public circumstance and social facilities).

The second, Six Decisions of TORA PPTKH in 6 districts in South Kalimantan about 2.034,16 hectares to 200 men. The third,  Two Decision of TORA PPTKH in 2 districts in Central Kalimantan about 14.940,51 hectares to 50 men. The fourth,  One Decision of TORA in one district in East Kalimantan from the Addendum of PT Acacia Andalan Utama about 469,47 hectares to 176 families. The fifth, Five Decisions of Indigenous Forest to 3.047 families.

Coordinator Ministry in Economy, Darmin Nasution reported that after the giving of decision of TORA from the President, the government would publish the land certificates at least in three months from Minister of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial/Head of National Land Agency.

Special for the paddy field, and farm, the certificate given would be the same by empowering the people’s economy in cluster-base. Darmin did hope that the local government could encourage the system.

“By the cluster system, the farm or area would be cultivated in group within single commodity and would be developed, there would be guarantee off-taker, capital help, and infrastructures needed. We do hope that the business would be more profitable,” he said.

He also continued that the government would keep improving the gap of land ownership structure and fair mastery, and solve the agrarian conflicts to welfare the people.

It is done by the agrarian reform through PPTKH and the backup of non-productive Hutan Produksi Konversi (HPK) as the sources of TORA from the forest regions.

He also explained that until now the government has solve the procurement of TORA from the forest regions about 2,6 million hectares. The numbers are 63% of the targets planned about 4,1 million hectares. TORA consists of, the first,  the allocation of TORA of 20% forest release for the plantation reaching 429.358 hectares; the second, non-productive HPK about 938.878 hectares; the third, the backup program to new paddy fields about 39.229 hectares; the fourth, social and public facilities, the paddy fields, farm, and dry areas that become the living sources of the local people about 984.963 hectares; and the fifth, the transmigration settlement about 264.579 hectares.

To give law enforcement and the publication of the land certificate, TORA from the forest regions, the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs/Head of National Land Agency still measures the limits. Then the ministry would publish and give the certificates. The limits would be written in Decision of Minister of Environment and Forestry about the Forest Region Release through the Changes of Limit as the sources of TORA.

Chairman of Dewan Perwakilan Daerah RI, Oesman Sapta Odang; Minister of Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya Bakar; Minister of Agrarian Affairs/Head of National Land Agency, Sofyan Djalil; Minister of Public Work, and the Housing (PUPR), Basuki Hadimulyono; Head of President’s Staff Office, Moeldoko; the regional government officers, and the people of Kalimantan; and also the representatives of related ministries/institutions. (T2)


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