Foreign Investment from European Union in Indonesia Reached US$ 1,8 Billion

Foreign Investment from European Union in Indonesia Reached US$ 1,8 Billion

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - In the media briefing, Thursday (5/9/2019) in Jakarta with European Union (EU), the total goods trade between EU and Indonesia keeps increasing and It was reaching EUR 26,3 billion in 2018 within the surplus substance about EUR 6,9 billion for Indonesia. EU is the biggest export countries and the third biggest import source for Indonesia.

The trades between the two complete each other and the products from EU are important to develop the infrastructures and industries in Indonesia.

For years, EU is consistently the non-Asia main investor for Indonesia, within the foreign direct investment reaching more than US$ 1,8 billion in 2018.

The direct investment of EU to Indonesia keeps increasing and has been reaching EUR 33,1 billion in  2017. The UE companies invest in the sectors producing goods, or the products having better additional values and providing qualified employment for the citizens of Indonesia.

The Charge d’affaires of European Union and Brunei Darrusalam Delegation, Charles Michel-Geurts said that there are about 1.000 European companies that hire about 1,1 million citizens of Indonesia.

“The companies operate the high tech to increase the additional values for the industries in Indonesia,” he said in the media briefing in Jakarta where InfoSAWIT recently did attend.

He also mentioned that the companies really concern about the corporate social responsibility and encourage the sustainable business to the inclusive progress. (T2)


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