October 2019, B30 Is Allocated

October 2019, B30 Is Allocated

InfoSAWIT, BANDUNG – General Directorate of New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conversion, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources discussed the road test of biodiesel mixtyre mandatory program up to 30% or known as B30 with the related stakeholders since 2018 and it is followed up by Research and Development Department of Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource to the road test of vehicle.

The recommendation of the road test result has been got in the middle of September 2019 and in the early of October 2019 there would be allocation to provide B30 for the Vegetable Oil Fuel Business or Badan Usaha Bahan Bakar Nabati. It means that the B30 mandatory program could run as the schedule based on the Regulation of Minister of Energy and Mineral Resource No. 12 / 2015 which starts in January 2020.

Head of Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Teknologi Ketenagalistrikan, Energi Baru Terbarukan dan Konservasi Energi (P3TKEBTEK), Sujatmiko mengatakan, so far the road test showed the good result in a whole. The vehicles, the quality of fuel, lubricants, and fuel consumption using B30 are consistent and there were no significant differences compared to those using B20.

“Some parameters showed that the emission and opacity of the vehicles using B30 are better,” he who is the Coordinator of B30 road test said, Monday (9/9/2019) in Bandung.

He also mentioned that the B30 road test is to minimize the issue that would come up namely in the engine and fuel and filter system.

The B30 road test which was launched by Minister of Energy and Mineral Resource on 13 June 2019 was for two kinds of vehicles, the passenger cars within less than 3,5 tons and the trucks within more than 3,5 tons.

The passenger cars were tested to compare the vehicles using B30 and B20 and to get the standard proposal confirmation and the specification of B100 to mix B30. The test road goal to trucks is to get the effect confirmation using B30 in the first condition and compared the conditions after certain distance.

The B30 road test in the diesel vehicle was done together with the other stakeholders, such as, Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency, General Directorate of New Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation, Research and Development Department of Energy and Mineral Resources, Technology Assessment and Application Agency, PT Pertamina (Persero), Asosiasi Perusahaan Biofuel Indonesia, and Gabungan Industri Kendaraan Bermotor Indonesia (GAIKINDO). (T2)



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