Human Resources in Palm Oil Productivity

Human Resources in Palm Oil Productivity

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – To develop a company, the capital is the other important factor to get profits besides the supports of the quality of the human resources.



The other production factor is capital. It is the material or tool used to run the production. Capital based on its characteristic could be divided into fixed capital and current capital.

  1. Fixed capital is the capital which is regularly and continuously used, such as, heavy tool, vehicles, building, machines, tools, inventory equipment in the office, mess, housing, and others.
  2. Current capital is the capital that could end when being used in once production, such as, chemical ingredients, fertilizers, fuel, harvest tools, material to buildings, work tools, and others.


Natural Resources

Natural Resources for production is the supporting factor to the production which is available in the mother nature, such as, land, air, climate, plants, sunshine, rain, and others.


Entrepreneurship (skill, expertise)

Entrepreneurship factor is the expertise or skill used to coordinate the production, workers, capital, nature, and information so that the FFB production could run well and contolled. Here are some major things for one entrepreneur to have, they are:

  1. Planning: he should have good plans, strategy arrangement, clear vision, and mission, think of the capital well, and make the right goal.
  2. Organizing: it consists of natural resource management that is available to realize the clear and structured goals of the company.
  3. Actualizing: it is a direction or development and motivation to the workers or employees to what they should do.
  4. Controlling: he should monitor to adjust the work in each department.


Source of Information

  1. For the information is more important in the globalization era, some experts thought to make source of information in the FFB production factor. Source of information is whole data that the company needs to run the business. The data could be prediction of market, knowledge of the employees, and other economic data.
  2. For the big palm oil plantation company, the production factors might have no issue, but it is not the same for the smallholders. The main issues for the smallholders are capital, entrepreneurship, and source of information. So they need help from the banks, and the support from the government so that their production could increase.
  3. In more specific, the increasing productivity of plantation could be got through the implementation of Good Management Practice (GMP) by noticing the material to plant (superior seeds), the net culture, replanting, and workers (human resources).

(Writer: Maruli Pardamean/ Writer, Palm oil plantation practitioner)

This article was published in InfoSAWIT, February 2018


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