PT. Agro Andalan Distributed the Fire Tools to 7 Developed Villages

PT. Agro Andalan Distributed the Fire Tools to 7 Developed Villages

InfoSAWIT, SEKADAU – Palm oil plantation company, PT Agro Andalan (AAN) gave fire tools to seven developed villages, 1 sub-district, 1 police around the company in District of Sekadau as the corporate social responsibility of the company to solve and extinguish the fire in the forest and areas.

The fire tools were given on Friday (13/9/2019) in the office of AAN and Regent of Sekadau, Head of Sub-district of Sekadau Hulu, Chief of Regional Disaster Management Agency, Head of Police of Sekadau Hulu, the management of AAN and the head of villages who got the helps attended it.

The fire tools given by AAN were the 3.000 liter - water reservoirs, suction hose, out hos, portable pump, helmet, googles glass, uniforms, boots, head lamps, masks, nozzle, shovel, jerry cans, axes, and handy talky.

The developed villages or desa binaan siaga api that got the helps were Setawar, Tapang Perodah, Nanga Pemubuh, Nanga Menterap, Sungai Sambang, Mondi, and Boti, sub district of Sekadau Hulu, and Police of Sekadau Hulu.

Regent of Sekadau, Rupinus in his speech appreciated the CSR of AAN to prevent the fire around its plantations. This is the same with the regulation of Governor of West Kalimantan No. 39 / 2019 about the Prevention and Management of Fire in the Forest and Areas that regulates that the companies are responsible on developing the people to prevent the fire in the forest and areas.

“What PT. AAN has done is the same with the regulation. We do appreciate it. Then we would report this to the Province Disaster Management Agency that one company in District of Sekadau has implemented the regulation. Hopefully others could do the same,” he said in the official statement to  InfoSAWIT.

The representative of PT AAN, Mukhlis Amiruddin said that the helps were the forms of CSR  to cooperate with the people, namely the villages around to prevent the threat of fire.

“We have good relationship with the people around for years. We do hope that the helps could be used to prevent the fire threat which is not planned by the good cooperation,” he said.

Head of Village of Setawar, Agus, one of the villages getting the help thanked AAN for helping the village around the plantations. Besides the fire tools, he also thanked for improving the ways in the village. (T2)


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