Not only in Palm oil, RKPC Did Training of P3K

Not only in Palm oil, RKPC Did Training of P3K

InfoSAWIT, PEKANBARU – On Thursday (12/9/2019) the members of Riau dan Kepulauan Planters Club (RKPC) did training the first aid in the work circumstance.

Head of RKPC, Slamet Riyadi said that the first aid training was done in PT. Tri bakti Sarimas- Kuansing. The instructor as the member of RKPC was Bobby Ariandi.

Slamet also mentioned that the training was joined by the staffs from palm oil department, hybrid coconut from the palm oil factory, the livestock, and from transportation units.

“It is hoped that the training could always run and involve every member of RKPC from many company,” he said, Thursday (12/9/2019).

It is also planned that the same would always be done by hoping to advance and multiply the knowledge of every member of RKPC.

For information, the training was the same with the Regulation of Minister of Labor No:PER.15/MEN/VIII/2008 which is called as P3K in the work circumstance. It is the ways to give the first aid fast and right to the workers, labors, or someone else in the work circumstance that gets injured or accident.

To implement the K3 in the company or the work circumstance, it needs training of P3K so there would be no injure that may be the loss for every side and as the appreciation to realize zero accident.

“The implementation of K3 is the basic to protect the labors (workers). Every one of them should get the protection from the risks and the cause of the accident that may happen,” he said.

It is hoped that the training could increase the understanding to give the first aid when accident happens to decrease the permanent injury or temporary hurt of the workers. (T2)


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