Five Recommendations from the Smallholders in Amsterdam Declaration Forum

Five Recommendations from the Smallholders in Amsterdam Declaration Forum

InfoSAWIT, ULTRECHT - In the routine meeting of Amsterdam Declaration Forum in Ultrecht, Netherland, Chairman of Serikat Petani Kelapa Sawit (SPKS), Mansuetus Darto told the real condition of the smallholders in Indonesia.

He also took the buyers of palm oil in European Union to take real role to increase the capacity and empowerment of the smallholders in Indonesia.


In his description, he said that the smallholders in Indonesia have 1 – 4 hectares of palm oil plantations, live in the villages or around the plantations, get regular income by planting palm oil, and earn their livings from cultivating palm oil. Everything is solely done.


“Most of them have no food areas, no area legality, such as, certificates. Few of them live in the forest and peat. They mostly sell their fresh fruit bunch (FFB) to the middlemen in cheaper though there is factory next to their surroundings,” he said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently.


In the forum that many representatives from European Union, the buyers from the continent, the government of Netherland, the international Non-Government Organizations and Indonesia, the government of Indonesia, SPKS also told five recommendations to the buyers.


The first is the buyers just help in the traceability level, not empower the smallholders. It means that the buyers are obliged to join the road map of the independent smallholders to empower them in every initiative in Indonesia. It needs to start empowering them.


The second is the legal smallholders in Indonesia do not get the effect of sustainable commitment and the better price as what the buyers try to realize (the sustainable commitment).(T2)


This article once published in InfoSAWIT, June 2019



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