To Prevent the Fire, Sinar Mas Agri Made Masyarakat Peduli Api

To Prevent the Fire, Sinar Mas Agri Made Masyarakat Peduli Api

InfoSAWIT, KUTAI TIMUR – The dry season that runs for more than three months without rain makes the land dry and easy to burn. It is proven that many hotspots are detected. After the field verification, 95% of the reports are true.

The habits to cultivate the field by burning the areas are mostly done by the people in Indonesia, including in District of Kutai Timur for it is the fastest and cheapest to do.

To change the habits, every side needs to involve in, both from the government, environmental non-government organization, academy, the figure to give alternative method information to cultivate without burning (zero burning). It is hoped that it could prevent the fire which keeps happening in every single year besides the law enforcement from the officers.

One support to prevent the fire in the forests and areas, the palm oil plantation companies, PT. Tapian Nadenggan and PT. Kresna Duta Agroindo which are the subsidiaries of Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food in East Kalimantan province made Masyarakat Peduli Api (MPA). The members consist of the village coordinators, the figures, the regional management disaster agency, the indigenous people, the youth, and the members of smallholders groups in the developed union of the companies in Sub district of Kongbeng, Muara Wahau, and Telen.

The making of MPA is one concrete action to support the government to prevent the fire in the forest and areas in the district.

In the official statement to InfoSAWIT, the people get the effect of the thick smoke and disturb them.

The making 6 groups of MPA was done on Tuesday, 17 September 2019 in Club House Jak Luay Ds. Jak Luay, Sub district of Muara Wahau, District of Kutai Timur and attended by the Chief of Police of Muara Wahau, Chief of Kongbeng, Chief of Army of Muara Wahau, head of Sub district of Kongbeng, secretary of the sub district of Muara, the secretary of Telen, and the management of Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food in East Kalimantan. 

Some materials were given about MPA and the usage, the duty and function and how to prevent the fire. Those were told by fire team of Sinar Mas Agri. Each group was given helps, such as, light fire tools, such as, machete, spray, kepyok, hoe rake, Pulaski axe, and shovel from Sinar Mas Agri. (T2)


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