IPOA East Kalimantan Actively Joined the Morning Meeting to Fire Prevention

IPOA East Kalimantan Actively Joined the Morning Meeting to Fire Prevention

InfoSAWIT, KUTAI TIMUR – In the joined morning meeting of Fire Prevention in the football field of Village of Karya Bhakti, Sub district of Muara Wahau, District of Kutai Timur, East Kalimantan province, Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA) East Kalimantan joined and really contributed to prevent the fire in the forest and areas.

In the occasion, IPOA East Kalimantan and Chief and the Vice Chief of Kutai Timur Police, Plantation Agency of East Kalimantan province, and the people should be in synergy to increase the awareness of the fire potential.

From Sub district of Kongbeng who attended it were the Head of Sub district of Kongbeng (H. Furkani S, Sos) and his officers; from Sub district of Muara Wahau were attended by the secretary and from Sub district of Telen was attended by the secretary (Petrus Ivung), the representatives of the youth organization, the Police of Muara Wahau, Police of Kongbeng, Army of Muara Wahau, the representatives of the companies around sub district of Muara Wahau, Kongbeng, and Telen.

Meanwhile the companies as the members of IPOA in East Kalimantan were  DSN Group, Sinar Mas Agri, Sinar Mas Forestry (HTI), Astra Group, PT. EMAS, PT. NAS, Fire Rescue of Kongbeng, and from Muara Wahau.

In his speech, Chief of Kutai Timur Police, AKBP Teddy Ristiawan emphasized that the fire in Indonesia in 2019 has killed 10 victims because of breathing issue and disturbed the flight in the province. The airports did not operate, they were, Kalimarau Berau and APT. Pranoto in Samarinda. “The police would firmly claim those who burnt the forest and areas, both personal and corporate who intentionally fired,” he recently said in the official to InfoSAWIT.

In the morning meeting to fire prevention, management of Sinar Mas Agri gave helps Kongbeng and Muara Wahau Police, such as, water reservoirs and shutter jet which were given by the Regional Controller in duty in East Kalimantan, I, H. Hamdan Erhan and Regional Controller East Kalimantan II, H. Waloya.

The simulation to fire prevention was done too by using the simple fire tools, such as, wet jute, and light fire extinguisher by involving 49 personels from the Kesiapsiagaan Tanggap Darurat Team of Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food in collaboration with the officers of Sub district of Muara Wahau; Kongbeng and Muara Wahau Police, and Muara Wahau Army team. (T2)


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