Important Roles in Sustainable Palm Oil Practice

Important Roles in Sustainable Palm Oil Practice

InfoSAWIT,  JAKARTA - Though the word, sustainability is not so familiar for us, the sustainability has been existing in the palm oil plantations nationally. Palm oil plantations, which develop the economy of the local villagers, to be better ones, actually have run the principles and criteria in the sustainability.

The sustainability could not conceptually refer to one source only. But factually, sustainability should also refer to some aspects, such as, the environment and the men.

If the environment around is good, and the lives of men get wealthier, the  principles and criteria of sustainability have run in the palm oil plantation. Of course, every side will not satisfied. But factually, the people get welfare which derives from the results of the plantation.

According to campaigner who was the forest campaigner of non-government organization (NGO) Greenpeace, Bustar Maitar, palm oil plantation should be supported so that it will not do deforestation. He thought that don’t stop the operation because palm oil plantation has contributed to the welfare of the people.

Bustar continued, palm oil plantation should transparently run the traceability process so that it will not do deforestation which damage the environment. He thought, palm oil plantation company should be firm to say to the public that the company does not do forest deforestation. Greenpeace, he continued, could support the palm oil consumers in the world to ensure that palm oil derives from the plantation which does not damage the environment. So, he said, Greenpeace is important to vocalize the environmental interest in the world.“It is proven, there are five big palm oil plantation companies which commit not to do deforestation,” he emphasized.

The commitment not to do deforestation is also appreciated by the world consumers. When there was a suggestion from Secretary of Environment, Franch some time ago, Greenpeace defended palm oil producers to reject the suggestion. (Baca: New Palm Oil Promotion in NGO Style, InfoSAWIT, July 2015).

Sustainability is The Successful Key

Implementing principles and criteria of sustainability which are complicated enough, will give new colors to develop palm oil plantation. T

The sustainable principles and criteria which NGOs vocalize, such as, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) have been successfully implemented.

Not only the palm oil plantation companies, like PT SMART Tbk, PT ANJ, PT Hindole and other do, the indipendent smallholders organization, like Indipendent Smallholders Association, AMANAH, also implements the sustainability. The Smallholders Union AMANAH, which consists of 349 families, within 763 hectare areas keeps doing it successfully. Chairman of Indipendent Smallholders Union, AMANAH, Sunarno said, the success to implement sustainability is helped by PT Asiaan Agri. The result, they got RSPO certification in principles and criteria of sustainability some time ago. “Our palm oil plantations now produce 2 tons of fruit per month,” Sunarno said some time ago.

The success of the Union gets the increasing bonus from the harvest. They got 50% more than the previous period before running the partnership.

The pressure of sustainability which NGOs do really contributes to the “kosher” for the global consumers. In addition there will be premium selling price by implementing sustainability.

What Sunarno and his friends do becomes a real description of success in implementing the sustainable principles  If the indipendent smallholders could do that, it is time for us to do the same. Will we? (T1)

This article once published in InfoSAWIT, November 2015



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