The Stakeholders Prevent, and Extinguish the Fire in the Forest and Areas

The Stakeholders Prevent, and Extinguish the Fire in the Forest and Areas

InfoSAWIT, PALEMBANG – The fire in the forest and areas becomes the concern of the people in Indonesia, namely the stakeholders in natural resource sectors.

Chairman of Asosiasi Pengusaha Indonesia (Apindo) in South Sumatera, Sumarjono Saragih said that the fire would be a loss for many sides. In addition the source of fire could be from anywhere. “Actually we are the victims too – the victims of accusation, the threat of legal, material, and the health of the workers,” he said in the press conference with Apindo and labors unions in South Sumatera.

He thought that if the stakeholders intentionally burn the fire, it is the same with hanging themselves. The threat of the laws is clear and there is strict liability. “No matter where the fire was, if it is found in the concession areas, the stakeholders should be responsible. There would be heavy threat and legal risks,” he said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Tuesday (24/9/2019).

Like what the government has done lately, the stakeholders try to be in synergy and work hard to prevent and extinguish the fire 24/7, train the fire team, and make Masyarakat Peduli Api (MPA).

According to Global Forest Watch, the hotspots in the concession areas are about 10% only. The rests , 90% are in the bushes, no one’s land or in the government’s authority. It means that the stakeholders really maintain and anticipate the risks of fire.

Meanwhile, Chairman of SPSI South Sumatera, Abdullah Anang said that the fire in the open land and has no activity in it or in the government’s areas, as a matter of fact, happens for the minimal monitor. “There is big fire in no one’s the land or forests there,” he said accompanied by his college, Chairman of SBSI, Ali Hanafiah.

Anang also mentioned that it time not to blame one to another because the fire may intentionally be done by person, groups within certain motive. “We need to support the law enforcement,” he said. (T2)


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