Some Areas of the Palm oil and Pulp and Paper Companies May Burn; Greenpeace Urge to give Sanction

Foto: Dok Greenpeace
Some Areas of the Palm oil and Pulp and Paper Companies May Burn; Greenpeace Urge to give Sanction

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – When the crisis of the fire in the forest and areas took place, there was no significant sanction both in civil and administration given to ten palm oil companies that have burning areas in 2015 to 2018. Based on the latest mapping of Greenpeace Indonesia, the government of Indonesia never revokes the license of palm oil concession from the fire.

In the same period, some sectors in pulp and paper industries were free from the heavy sanction by the government though the fire kept happening in the same areas. This year, the fire takes place in the same concession areas, they are, the palm oil and pulp and paper.

“The government should have the main agenda to stop the fire crisis which keeps happening since 2015. But we found that the government speaks only while the law enforcement is weak and inconsistent to the companies. President Joko Widodo and his ministers should immediately revoke the licenses of the companies whose areas are in flame,” Head of Global Forest Campaign, Greenpeace Indonesia, Kiki Taufik said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Tuesday (24/9/2019)

Greenpeace Indonesia used the official data of the government to analyze, that is, burn scar data and showed that more than 3,4 million hectares of the fire happened in 2015 and 2018. The data was compared to the best concession areas in palm oil and pulp and paper companies and the administration and civil sanctions to the companies which were arranged through the proposal based on the rights on the official information and report from the government.

The findings from the analysis are contradiction to what the government claimed about the firm law enforcement to the actors of the fire and this influenced millions of Indonesian people. The smoke from the fire really disturbs the neighborhood countries in the last two weeks.

What Greenpeace Indonesia investigated in the early of this year showed that the government claimed some companies about the fire and illegal logging and they paid the compensation. The total money of the owed reached about 18,9 billion rupiah. (T2)


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