The Independent Smallholders Face Issues to SRP

The Independent Smallholders Face Issues to SRP

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Director of Fundraising, PFMA, Herdrajat Natawijaya said that the fund distribution for the smallholders’ replanting program (SRP) in 2017 – 2019 reaches Rp. 706,90 billion covering about 28.276 hectares (ha). If the smallholders mostly have 2 hectares, it means that the fund distribution has involved about 14 thousand men.

He also admitted that the SRP if referring to the goals, would be prioritized to the independent smallholders then it would be for the plasma one. The SRP is also about to improve the governance of the plantations nationally.

It is also hoped that the program could manage the better governance, data, and ensure the legal areas by not planting in the forest regions.

PFMA also noted that the independent smallholders’ plantations reaching about 1,5 million ha need the program. While the plasma plantations reaching about 0,3 of 0,9 million hectares do too.

It is clear that the independent smallholders’ plantations are wider to get the program. But according to its preparations, they have more issues, such as, the various, un-united business, and in general, they only have Letter of Documents on their areas or SPPT as the legal document. “The legal is one condition to get SRP,” he recently said in Jakarta. (T2)

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