To Anticipate the Fire, BGA Group Cooperates with Many

To Anticipate the Fire, BGA Group Cooperates with Many

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – To anticipate the fire in the forests and areas in West and Central Kalimantan, the palm oil plantation company, Bumitama Gunajaya Agro (BGA) Group through its Fire Taskforce Team, BGA Group join the morning meeting (Apel Siaga) to fire prevention in the forests and areas 2019 in its many operational. This morning meeting would become the forum to coordinate with other instances and to arrange the strategy to extinguish the fire.

In the region 5 (PT BGB), for instance, Apel Siaga was done in Sampuraga Baru, Sub district of Arut Selatan, on Tuesday 22 July 2019  lalu together with the District of Kotawaringin Barat (Kobar), Central Kalimantan. It was joined by about 900 men, both from the local Disaster Management Agency, Manggala Agni, Tagana, the Army, the Policy, Satpol PP, fire officers, the big private companies, and the students.

This was the suggestion for the people not to do new planting by fire because this is important knowing that the fire would give big losses both in morale and material, namely when the fire happened in 2015 that much worse causing the smoke in 2017.

While in region 8A, the fire prevention was done in cooperation with Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA) in West Kalimantan on 26 July 2019. The Apel Siaga and the launching of PROGRAM Patroli Terpadu  was done in Sub district of Nanga Tayap on 30 August 2019 in the field of Koramil Nanga Tayap.

The Apel Siaga was done in many operational of BGA Group, such as, making the same patrol to (know) hotspot, checking the fire tools, socializing and making the team with the local people just as it has been made in Desa Bebas Api.

Besides that, Deputy Head of Corporate Sustainability BGA Group, Agam Fatchurrochman said that the fire taskforce in every operational of BGA Group should actively socialize to the people to make and develop the same awareness about the danger of the fire for the people and ecology around. The team should train them to extinguish the fire regularly together with the employees, the local people, and the related instances.

“One of the fire prevention that BGA Group does is by increasing the monitoring activity by using the Menara Pantau to know the hotspots in the vulnerable areas,” he said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

In 2019, BGA Group keeps multiplying the menara pantau in its operational. It is to increase the monitoring system to the fire. It is effective to the first move to prevent the fire and report it to those in charge, such as, Fire Emergency Team of tim Tanggap Darurat Kebakaran Lahan.

The fire tools have been renewed, such as, hose, water pump, and others. These are to support the fire extinction well.

He also mentioned that the other fire prevention is by making place to gather the water for about 444 units, the artesian well for about 12 units, and 5.524 units of bulkhead in the operational of BGA Group. Embung or places to gather water, artesian well, and bulkhead are the main source of water to extinguish the fire within short distance so that the fire truck could take it fast.

Not only that the technology advance, GIS - Remote Sensing is really helpful to the operational activity in landscape – base. Besides GIS plays important role to mitigate the disaster, namely the fire. As one company that prioritize sustainability in its every activity, BGA always does mitigation in the technology – based including in fire prevention.

To integrate every program in fire prevention, the company has arranged the map to water conservation which is decided as the frame to handle and prevent the fire. The map consists of conservation map of sources of water, the vulnerable areas of fire, vulnerable areas of drought, the line of drainage, the patrol path to the taskforce to monitor daily situation in the fire vulnerable areas. The taskforce consists of the employees, and some people around the company.

“The comprehensive map would give description where the vulnerable areas, the menara pantau, the water, evacuation path, the patrol, the well, and others are. The map also describe the plans of mitigation of drought by making the conservation plans to the river by involving the local people,” Chairman of Water and Fire Mitigation Task Force Tata, BGA Group, Maman Aliman Utardi said. (T2)

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