Cargill Suppports the Female Rights

Cargill Suppports the Female Rights

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Palm oil plantation company is identical with the institution that needs strong power, works in hot day, and should be able to carry the fresh fruit bunch. These are about men’s works. But these are not too because there are female workers (employees) in palm oil plantation company too.

In a short video published by Eco Business, it showed that the female workers could be working together with the male in the company.

The video in cooperation with one palm oil plantation company in South Sumatera, Cargill Tropical Palm Ltd., showed the activities of female workers in the plantation without feeling being put aside, discriminated, or ignored.

The four minute – video, for instance, a two child – mother, who is also as a wife could work professionally. She is Yunita Widiasuti working in a palm oil plantation company.

The rights of the female workers, and the same gender in the office and in the industries where the male are mostly found, could work without feeling scare of discrimination or sex abuse in the office.

“We work and also could babysit our children, protect the rights of the female in the office, make sure that they get holidays to give birth, breast feeding their child, free from discrimination or sex abuse. The female could raise their child within the support of health nursery and good education,” she said. Yunita.

According to the company, there are about 6.066 female workers and 13.382 male workers in Cargill Tropical Palm Ltd. They could compete actively and have the same chances to develop careers. In addition, the female has made committee to maintain their rights and interest when working.

“I do hope that the female workers in Cargill could work and develop to get better careers and there would be more females as the leaders in the future,” she said.

To know more about how the female workers work in palm oil plantation, without discrimination as the company supports, dear readers could see it in (T2)

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