Ministry of Trade Did Training on Trade Promotion in Pakistan

Ministry of Trade Did Training on Trade Promotion in Pakistan

InfoSAWIT, KARACHI – Ministry of Trade keeps increasing the trade relationship and cooperation in the trade promotion. It was told by Director of Export Development and Cooperation, Ministry of Trade, Marolop Nainggolan in the Training on Trade Promotion on 23–25 September 2019 in Karachi, Pakistan.

“The training is to give knowledge about international trade and promotion in general and to encourage the businessmen in Pakistan to make partnership with the businessmen in Indonesia. The training was about the trade promotion and increase the trade value between Indonesia and Pakistan through the export and import activity,” he said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

The trade promotion training at this time presented the advance speakers in export and promotion, they were, Izmirta Rachman from PT. Energi Agro Nusantara, and Suharlina Mahalli from CV. Kokulayana.

The materials were about the potential product introduction from the two countries, the export import activities, the effective promotion strategies, the exhibition management, the activity when making and after exhibitions.

It was the follow up from the memorandum of understanding (MoU) between General Directorate of National Export Development and Trade Development Authority (TDAP). Besides it was the synergy of the government with Consulate General of Indonesia in Karachi, Pakistan.

The MoU was to strengthen the organization, economic cooperation and trade, and business chances between the two. The training was to promote the potential products from Indonesia and encouraged the private businessmen in Pakistan to cooperate with Indonesian businessmen.

It was joined by 32 participants. They consisted of the officers and directors in TDAP. It was also attended by General Consul of Indonesia in Karachi, Totok Prianamto; Director of Export Development Cooperation, Marolop Nainggolan; and Senior General Director of Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, Syed Rafeo Bashir Shah.

In this year, Indonesia and Pakistan agreed to expand the agreement to be Indonesia-Pakistan Trade in Goods Agreement (IP-TIGA). It was done to get more potential from both countries and give maximal advantages for the both.

The information from Ministry of Trade, the total trade between the two in 2018 reached US$ 3,10 billion. The exports from Indonesia to Pakistan in 2018 reached US$ 2,38 billion and about 1,46 percent. While the imports of Indonesia from Pakistan in the same period reached US$ 641,4 million and about 0,4 percent. Pakistan is the main non-oil and gas export goal of Indonesia the 15th and the 36th one of non-oil and gas import for Indonesia.

The mainstay exports from Indonesia to Pakistan in 2018 were crude palm oil and its derivatives, coal, cars, and other vehicles, spare parts, and accessories to cars, tyre, and artificial fiber materials. While the imports of Indonesia from Pakistan in 2018 were the half products from iron and steel, wheat, rice, oranges, pulp and paper for cartoon. (T2)

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