Half of 5,1 Million Tons of Palm Oil Cooking Consumption Nationally Should be Packed up

Half of 5,1 Million Tons of Palm Oil Cooking Consumption Nationally Should be Packed up

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Ministry of Trade took the consumers of Indonesia to use more hygienic and healthier palm cooking oil in the domestic. This was told by Minister of Trade, Enggartiasto Lukita in the "Launching Wajib Kemas Minyak Goreng Dalam Rangka Mendorong Peningkatan Penggunaan Produk Dalam Negeri” in Jakarta on Sunday (6/10/2019).

"Ministry of trade tries its best to increase the quality and food security that the people would consume. One of it by making the program to change the bulk cooking oil to be packaged one,” he said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

He also said that the cooking oil production nationally per year reaches about 14 million tons in total. Of the numbers, the allocation to domestic reaches about 5,1 million tons and the rests are sold to the foreign countries.

“Of the domestic needs, it hardly reaches 50 percent that the people consume in bulk cooking oil and there is no guarantee that it is clean both from the production and the distribution,” he said.

The policy that the palm cooking oil should be packed is part of the strategic program of the government, that is, to increase the domestic usage. It is to encourage the people to consume packaged one for it would be safer and have better quality.

The program has been running since 2014 by the policy publication of Minyak Goreng Kemasan since 1 April 2017. But it was postponed to implement because the palm cooking oil producers were not ready yet to expand the package and develop the packaging industries in many regions.

“As same as the Indonesian National Standard to package palm cooking oil, this would run on 1 January 2020 without the transition. So every stakeholder (businessman) should sell the palm cooking oil to the consumers in package and fulfill the regulation,” he said.

Indonesia is the one biggest palm oil producer and exporter in the world. But this is not the same with the fulfillment of qualified cooking oil as the derivative product of CPO to the domestic needs. “It should be done to deny the negative campaign of CPO products from Indonesia and in the same time, it could increase the love to the domestic products,” he said.

He also hoped that the cooking oil producers nationally could prepare everything to run the regulation. “The consumers of Indonesia should also consume the domestic packaged cooking oil in healthier and hygienic one. Using cooking oil could also increase the dignity of our nation,” he said.

The event was also the same with the same healthy walking and cooking oil selling bazaar done by nine producers. It was sold Rp8.000/liter. Besides there was small business bazaar developed by Ministry of Trade. (T2)

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