55 Companies Having IPF and Palm Oil Concession Licenses Are Investigated about the Fire

55 Companies Having IPF and Palm Oil Concession Licenses Are Investigated about the Fire

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – About a month ago, the fire burned the forests and areas. it took place in some palm oil plantations belonging to Malaysian investors, Sime Darby or in Indonesia, it is known as Minamas Plantation, Kuala Lumpur Kepong, Batu Kawan Group, and Wilmar Group. There were hundreds of hotspots.

This forced Ministry of Forestry and Environment (MEF)investigate the fire. By September 2019, according to the Rekapitulasi Penegakan Hukum about the fire based on the company, General Director of Law Enforcement, MEF, 55 plantation companies having industrial plantation forest (IPF) and palm oil concession areas, and 1 person are being investigated.

From what InfoSAWIT got from the directorate recently, of 55 companies, 19 companies are from the foreign investors and 32 companies are non-facility domestic investors, 1 facility – domestic investor and after being investigated, there are 3 companies in it.

Based on the activity, 40 are palm oil plantation companies, 13 are having IUPHHK-HTI, 1 is IUPHHK- HA, and 1 is IUPHHK- RE.

The fire burned about 10.076,49 hectares of concession areas; the companies’ areas were about 274 hectares. The total were 10.350,49 hectares.

Here are the 8 companies having concession areas and 1 person who are being investigated: PT Arrtu Energie Resource (PMA), PT Arrtu Borneo Perkebunan (PMA), PT Sinar Karya Mandiri (PMDN), PT Ichtiar Gusti Pudi (PMA Malaysia),

In Central Kalimantan province, there are PT Kumai Sentosa (PMDN), PT International Forest Plantation (PMDN), PT Arjuna Utama Sawit (PMA), in East Kalimantan, there is PT Nala Palma Cadadusa (PMA). The person who is investigated is Uber bin Endel in West Kalimantan.

The companies whose areas are being sealed to be investigated by the policy are PT Bumi Hijau Lestari by the South Sumatera Police; PT Raffi Kamajaya, and PT Rejeki Kencana by West Kalimantan Police, and, PT Megah Anugerah Sawit by Jambi Police. (T2)

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