Wilmar Group Prevented the Fire together with 20 Villages around the Plantations

Wilmar Group Prevented the Fire together with 20 Villages around the Plantations

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Wilmar takes the people to prevent the fire in the forest and areas. This partnership is to make awareness and responsibility together to prevent the fire when the dry season comes.

Sustainability Regional Coordinator, Central Kalimantan, Wilmar Group, Sarimanah said that the point to prevent the fire is that everyone is aware of not burning when the dry season comes. The fire keeps happening until now because some sides burn to have new plantings.

Since 2017 until now, PT Kalimantan Tengah Region has been in partnership with 20 villages around the operational of the company in Kotawaringin Timur, Central Kalimantan. It was done to do training, and simulation together with Penanggulangan Keadaan Darurat Kebakaran (PPKD) team of thee company which got certificate from Ministry of Labor. “The most important thing is to make awareness not to burn,” Sarimanah said.

Besides, Sarimanah continued, the company also gave help, the infrastructures based on the Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana (BNPB), such as, pump, spiral hose, and fire equipment. The company also made well in 21 hotspot or the vulnerable areas to help the water sources to extinguish the fire. “We have made memorandum of understanding with the local people,” Sarimanah said in the official information to InfoSAWIT recently.

The company also planned to do training to make well in the end of this year by involving many sides around the operational of company. (T2)

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