One Period in the Forest Regions Could be the best for the People

One Period in the Forest Regions Could be the best for the People

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The law and environment observer, Sadino thought that the policy to publish the license for one cycle period or about 35 years would be the better way than the land amnesty and others which in the end it would be difficult to execute.

The policy would show the appreciation of the government to the people’s rights which legally try and for generations in their concession areas that in the recent days are claimed as the forest regions. Besides being practical, the policy would give the legal certainty and the sustainability of business.

“For years, the people are confused and uncomfortable by the never ending-conflict solution. They got most of the license by fulfilling the procedures in the regulation published by the regional government. Unfortunately the licenses are easily broken down by the decision of minister which may be cancelled by the decision of constitutional court,” Sadion recently said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

Meanwhile Head of Plantation Agency, Central Kalimantan province, Rawing Rambang did hope that the central government needs to accomplish the consistent regulation about the palm oil plantation conflicts. As a matter of fact, the province got the impact for the changing regulations published by the central government.

“This is the main issue in Central Kalimantan and needs solution immediately so that the people would not be trapped as if they do illegal cultivation that many side accuse,” he said.

He also thought that the overlapping regulations make area conflict. For example, if referring to the Regional Regulation No.  8 / 2003, about 67% are the forest regions while according to the Regulation of Minister of Forestry No. 529 / 2012 which was recently published, the forest regions reached 82%.

Actually about 2000s General Director of Forestry Planology and Environment Governance, Ministry of Forestry published the regulation for Production Development Region and the Other Development and Circumstance Region or Kawasan Pengembangan Produksi (KPP) dan Kawasan Permukiman dan Pengembangan Lainnya (KPPL) without releasing the forest regions. (T2)



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