Boost the Downstream Industries to Increase the Additional Values

Boost the Downstream Industries to Increase the Additional Values

InfoSAWIT, PALEMBANG – To boost the additional values from palm oil products, the option is to develop the downstream (industries).

Head of Processing and Marketing Result, Plantation Agency, South Sumatera province, Rudi Arpian said that the government keeps boosting the downstream programs in crude palm oil (CPO) industries to accelerate the economic progress nationally.

The program to increase the additional value in the domestic has good works which could be seen from the ratio export of upstream products and the downstream products which were 60%:40% in 2010 became 22%:78% in 2017. “The CPO processing industries significantly gave the exchange for Indonesia because of the biggest exporter and producer in the world,” he said when giving speech representing the Head of Plantation Agency, South Sumatera province in the Workshop Hilirisasi Produk Kelapa Sawit di Sumatera Selatan recently in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

He also mentioned that the palm oil commodity, CPO, and its derivative products are the main contributors to the exports nationally which reached US$ 22,97 billion in 2017 (not include oleochemical and biodiesel).

This made Indonesia master about 52 percent of palm oil exports in the world. “The exports in palm oil – base, which were dominated by the downstream products and which had additional values became the pillars to the exchange in this country and they contributed to maintain rupiah to the foreign currency.

“By producing 41 million tons of CPO per year, Indonesia contributed up to 48 percent of the CPO production in the world,” he said. (T2)


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