Palm Oil Biodiesel Becomes One Factor to Develop the Economy in Indonesia

Palm Oil Biodiesel Becomes One Factor to Develop the Economy in Indonesia

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – There are three (3) things that become the factor to develop the economy in Indonesia, they are, the domestic markets, the investment, and fiscal policy. Besides the government would keep the people’s buying capacity remain stable and give the new employments.

“There are program that could give the debottlenecking to the economy nationally, starting from the logistic, license up to the operational in the business climate in Indonesia,” Coordinator Minister in Economy, Airlangga Hartarto said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

The government also notices the deficit of the trade balance. He thought, one biggest factor of the deficit is the dependence of import in oil and gas.

“The government would support to decrease oil and gas imports by revitalizing PT Tuban Petrochemical Industries (PT TPI). The second is that the biodiesel mixture to diesel which reaches 20% (B20) would always be increased up to B30 or even B100 at the right moment,” he said.

Besides supporting to develop the physical infrastructure, the government would develop the human resources by the vocational education and the approach to business world and industrial world or Dunia Usaha dan Dunia Industri (DUDI).

“There are three layers. The first is in the skill training in short term done in the offices; the second is by revitalizing the vocational schools and doing the link and match with DUDI; the third is by politeknik,” Airlangga explained.

The programs, he continued, have been facilitated with the super deduction tax which is designed to support the corporates to join to increase the human resources. (T2)

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