The Youths in Asia Encourage the Commitment of Sustainable Palm Oil

The Representatives of Indonesia in Asian Youths for Sustainable Palm Oil Summit
The Youths in Asia Encourage the Commitment of Sustainable Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, BANGKOK – For the first time, 50 young men from China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand gathered in Bangkok, Thailand in Asian Youths for Sustainable Palm Oil Summit.

For information the Youth Summit is done in cooperation with Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), PM Haze, and GIZ Thailand, and did 9 hour-discussion within critical and productive arguments.

The youths from many social-cultural background cooperated to create their commitment to the same responsibility to make sustainable palm oil as the norm.

The youths in the 17th Annual Meeting Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RT17) in Bangkok, Tuesday (6/11/2019) told their commitments who represented 4 billion men in Asia.

“We grow in the extreme changing era. We had seen our warm houses and they are burning. The air which provides us to breathe is now full of ash and smoke. The coast lines where we have the sources of living now get narrow and in other world, we saw the glacier melt, the temperature increases more than it is imaginable, and the hurricane destroyed in many ways. It needs to act now. The changing of lifestyle could make difference. But are these enough?” they said.

They also urged the businessmen to transform to realize the sustainable future and it is the economic transformation. But they said, the economic transformation could not be realized without integrity.

“We want you (to stop temporary) the business to have commitment and give the environmental promise and should be transparent with your progress. It is very important for the business to change in the first place so we could join in the wave of changing. This is a long term investment which encourages the loyalty of brand and economic advantage. This would unite the consumers and the business to the same goal, to the sustainable future,” they said.

Asian Youth from Indonesia, Tiara Ellen Elyora said that it needs to improve the palm oil industries so that they could develop well without giving environmental impacts.

“By producing sustainable palm oil, the industries would give more advantages though it is difficult to get there,” she recently said in Bangkok. (T2)


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