Agro Andalan Recruited the Local Workers to the POF

Agro Andalan Recruited the Local Workers to the POF

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA,– PT Agro Andalan (AAN) realized its commitment to recruit the local workers from the villages around the company to work in its palm oil factory (POF). Days before, the company recruited 39 local workers and all of them are the youths of District of Sekadau who signed the Agreement of Work with the company.

The local workers who signed it derives from Village of Setawar, Nanga Pemubuh, Boti, Gonis Tekam, Sungai Durian, and Sungai Sambang.  

Senior Region Head Area 2, PT Agro Andalan, Mukhlis Amiruddin said that his side is committed to involve the local workers both in the plantations and the new factory which was inaugurated in October 2019. Until now most of them in the POF are the local.

“Since some last months, we recruited the workers to be in the new POF in Village of Setawar by prioritizing the local workers from the villages around the factory. Most of them have worked and today some of them are recruited to add the shift works. Every one of them is the local,” he said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

By November 2019, PT AAN recruited 51  local workers from the villages around the POF and have joined to work in the company since April 2019. They were not trained but they joined the training and education to be the operators in the POF.

Most of them were graduated from high school and equals, selected by the PT AAN team, and facilitated by Agriculture, Fishery, Food Security Agency, District of Sekadau, Labors, One Stop Service, Investment Agency, District of Sekadau. After the recruiting process, they would be on the job training for six months to be taken as the employees.

Days before, PT AAN also sent the high school and vocational students from District of Sekadau to get scholarship in Institut Sekolah Tinggi Pertanian, Yogyakarta and they now work in the POF.

“We do hope that our company in District of Sekadau could give advantages to the region, namely in providing the employment as our commitment with the regent, related agencies, and the heads of local villages,” he said.

Besides recruiting the workers in POF, PT AAN also recruited more than 400 workers in its palm oil plantations and most of them are the local. Besides, the company is in cooperation with more than 800 plasma smallholders and others in the district. (T2)


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