Yayasan Kalaweit - Wilmar Conserve The gibbons

Yayasan Kalaweit - Wilmar Conserve The gibbons

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – PT Kencana Sawit Indonesia (KSI), one subsidiary of Wilmar group is in cooperation to conserve the gibbons (Symphalangus syndactylus) in its high conservation value (HCV) with Yayasan Kalaweit Indonesia.

General Manager of Yayasan Kalaweit Indonesia, Asferi Ardiyanto said that since 2014 until now, there have been 21 released gibbons and three were born in the areas.

Of four HCV areas of PT KSI, two of them are allocated to conserve the gibbons, they are, in Bukit Tengah Pulau and Bukit Salo. Before releasing the gibbons, both sides agreed to research to know the good areas as the conservation.  “The conservation has run in two HCV areas and it is hoped that there would be expansions in the other two,” he said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

Asferi also said that, the scope of cooperation covers the re-introduction, safe, security, and the research about the gibbons. The re-introduction means the way to introduce the animal or plantations which the man is fully aware of within the goal that one kind could re-develop in its real habitat. “This is for the animal or plantation which is endangered,” he said.

Besides in cooperation with Wilmar, Yayasan Kalaweit Indonesia also takes Ministry of Environment and Forestry and the people.

Indonesia Conservation Lead, Wilmar Group, Syahrial Anhar Harahap said that in the cooperation, the company provides the areas to release the gibbons, which is, the HCV areas about 800 hectares(ha), and the areas are parts of business rights of PT KSI. Since 2014, both sides have prolonged the agreement of cooperation in the conservation areas. “This is about to conserve and return the gibbons to the nature,” he said. (T2)


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