The Government and the Stakeholders in Palm oil Are in Synergy to Prevent the Fire

The Government and the Stakeholders in Palm oil Are in Synergy to Prevent the Fire

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The fire in the forests and areas in Indonesia keeps happening in every single year. The world notices it because it makes bad impacts to the people’s health and the air to the neighborhood countries.

Director of Fire Management in the Forests and Areas, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Raffles B Panjaitan said that actually the plans, the prevention, and the extinction of the fire are regulated in the Laws No. 41 / 1999. But before 2015 everything was focused to extinction and it was not good enough still.

That is why since 2016, Panjaitan continued, the government starts to prevent the fire by involving the people and other stakeholders.

“Now we involve the people to prevent the fire in site level since 2016. After that we also comprehensively monitor every regions to get the issue in each province and also involve the other stakeholders,” he said in a discussion in Jakarta where InfoSAWIT attend, Tuesday (12/11/2019).

To prevent the fire in the forests and areas in 2020, he continued, his side has arranged some strategies, they are, by monitoring about 4.140 villages where the fire is susceptible to happen, by increasing the welfare of the people within kinds of programs, such as, making business diversification. “We also inform about zero burning to new plantings,” Panjaitan said.

Meanwhile Chairman of Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA), Joko Supriyono said that the fire in the areas mostly takes place outside of the palm oil concession areas and the industrial plantation forests. That is why it needs the integrated programs.

The fire could be predictable and it needs to involve the other stakeholders to prevent it. “There have been initiatives from the government to make cluster by involving every element, such as, the palm oil plantation sector, the industrial plantation forests, the logging, national park, and the people. These are the unity to prevent the fire in the forests and areas,” he said.

But he continued, it needs to strengthen the implementation from the regulation aspect to the law enforcement in the field. Involving the people would be the right way to prevent the fire. “The people themselves should be parts of fire extinction,” he said.

Based on IPOA, until 2018 every member of IPOA took the people (to fire extinction) by making Masyarakat Peduli Api (MPA), in 704 susceptible villages of fire around thee palm oil plantations. (T2)


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