To Prevent the Fire, the Concession Holders Should Have Responsibility

To Prevent the Fire, the Concession Holders Should Have Responsibility

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The concession holders are obliged to have responsibility on everything that happens in the area and forest concession they hold. This is the effective prevention and does not spend much money compared to fire (in the forest and areas) extinction.

The environment and forestry observer, Petrus Gunarso said that the responsibility would force every concession holder to be active to maintain, take care, prevent, implement the environmental technology, extinguish the fire, and involve the people around to prevent the fire.

“The responsibility of the concession holders is important because they would focus to maintain their areas. By making this way, the fire potential which may be 99% caused by man could be prevented and would not be repeated disaster,” he said in the seminar within the theme “Penanggulangan Karhutla berbasis Masyarakat” in Jakarta, Tuesday (12/11/2019) and attended by InfoSAWIT.

He thought that the forest and area concession holders in the other usage area need to be differentiated from the legal and each of them has the same responsibility to maintain their concession.

If this runs, the strict liability as the base thing to the compensation could run for every side, both the corporate, the government, the non-government organization, and the concession holders.

The policy would indirectly motivate the government that is in charge to the whole land to manage the areas which have licenses or do not have license well.

The same and equal responsibility for the concession holders could minimize the black campaign to palm oil industries in Indonesia. “For all these years, every fire happening in Indonesia does always relate to palm oil industries. As a matter of fact, the biggest fire in this year happened in Nusa Tenggara Barat which is the savanna areas and Java Island where the both almost have no palm oil plantations,” he said.

He also hoped that there should be regulation about the people involvement status around the forest areas, such as, masyarakat peduli Api (MPA).  The people really depend on that namely to prevent the fire out of the concession.

“The question remains, would they voluntarily be involved or paid? It needs clarification. Let say the people live around the forest, the people live in the big cities, such as, Jakarta, still burn the plastic and organic waste, don’t they? The MPA is hoped to be the pioneer and role model for the people to new planting without burn (zero burning). This needs clear status,” he said

Meanwhile, Chairman of Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA), Joko Supriyono said that, it needs to empower the village in the site level as the solution to prevent the fire.

He thought that it needs to map the village to know the condition in the village, where the areas are the susceptible of fire, the sources of water, and the access to land ownership.

The government needs to point or order once instance which would be in charge to the village program plans by advantaging the fund in the village to the fire prevention operational. (T2)


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