Indonesia Emphasized to Take Palm oil in UE CEPA

Indonesia Emphasized to Take Palm oil in UE CEPA

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – In the recent days, Vice Minister of External Affairs, Mahendra Siregar wrote the official document to the European Union delegation Cecilia Malmstrom of the European Commissioner for Trade, Brussels.

In the document, Siregar emphasized that the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo encouraged the trade agreement in the form of comprehensive economic partnership agreement (CEPA). But there are some issues about the chapter of sustainability and the publication of documents about the review in palm oil industries.

Though Indonesia is against to the internal document publication from European Union, but it has something to do with the palm oil producer countries, the institutions, and the members of European Union. “And there would be investment and trade in it, including the strategic partnership prospect in the form of CEPA and ASEAN – EU,” he recently wrote in the document which InfoSAWIT got.

Meanwhile the environmental non-government organizations (NGO) thought that it is useless to argue and confront the real documents published by European Union as the basic to determine or publish the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) II. Mahendra thought that the publication of the document could be as the ways of discriminatory to palm oil and the decision made derived from the scientific research in indirect land use change (ILUC).

“For the public may know the document, we suggested that the officers in European Union and its network in Indonesia to stop describing the discriminatory and should focus to the real things to solve the real issues,” Mahendra said.

He also mentioned that Indonesia has done trade negotiation with European Union through CEPA within good willing to the concern of sustainability issue, including palm oil. It may happen that European Union is not the real partner for Indonesia to face the environmental challenges knowing that it needs the equal policy than the personal ambition by using the helps of NGOs. “We would notice the sincere partnership in the United Nations through the prima of sustainable development goals (SDGs) 2030, and ILO about the social policy,” he noted. (T2)


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