The Palm Oil B30 Road Test: The Government Would Distribute 209.238 kl of FAME in 8 locations

The Palm Oil B30 Road Test: The Government Would Distribute 209.238 kl of FAME in 8 locations

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - On Tuesday (19/11/2019), PT Pertamina (Persero) and 10 Baand Usaha Bahan Bakar Nabati (BU BBN) signed the contract addendum of B30 road test in the office of Coordinator Ministry in Economy.

The contract addendum covers the total distribution of Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) about 209.238 kiloliters (kl) in 8 location that PT. Pertamina would distribute, such as,  Rewulu, Meand, Balikpapan, Plumpang, Kasim, Plaju, Panjang, and Boyolali.

The B30 road test would start in November 2019 to December 2019 by involving some BU BBN, such as, PT Sinarmas Bioenergi, PT Permata Hijau Palm Oleo, PT Kutai Refinery Nusantara, PT Cemerlang Energi Perkasa, PT Wilmar Bioenergi Indonesia, PT SMART, Tbk., PT Multi Nabati Sulawesi, PT Tunas Baru Lampung, PT Batara Elok Semesta Terpadu, and PT Wilmar Nabati Indonesia.

“It means that the B30 mandatory program would be more optimal when it runs on 1 January 2020,” Deputy Assistant of Energy Productivity, Coordinator Ministry in Economy, Andi Novianto said as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

Just like what Andi Novianto said, Director of Oil and Gas Development, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource (EMR), Mohammad Hidayat said that there are some goals to run the road test, they are, the first, to make sure that the B30 mandatory program runs well next year. The second, to decrease the diesel oil usage. The third, to improve the trade balance, namely in oil and gas sector.

“We do hope that the improvement in every technical aspect could be solved and this needs the cooperation from the related sides,” Mohammad Hidayat said.

Director of Logistic, Supply Chain, and Infrastructure, PT Pertamina, Gandhi Sriwidodo said that one issue that becomes the notice is about the supply system simplification.

“The realization of FAME absorption in B20 program has run well. We do hope that the B30 would too, namely the supply system should be more effective. This is important to maintain the quality, efficiency, and faster time,” Gandhi said.

In the occasion, Director of Bioenergy, Ministry of EMR, Andriah Feby Misna, and Daily Chairman of Asosiasi Produsen Biofuel Indonesia (Aprobi), Paulus Tjakrawan did attend. (T2)


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