Palm oil Oleo-chemical Industries Could be for Asphalt and Fatten the Cow

Palm oil Oleo-chemical Industries Could be for Asphalt and Fatten the Cow

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Senior Lecturer of Faculty of Industrial Technology,  Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Prof. Tatang Hernas said that the government should be in partisanship to encourage the oleo-chemical industries nationally. When the crude oil starts to decrease, actually palm oil has big potential to be used in the energy sector and strategic industries.

He gave example that Indonesia has the product, glycerine pitch. It has kinds of additional values and decreases the environmental impact. The production in Indonesia reached 35 thousand tons per year which was got from the fatty alcohol process. If it is processed more, it could be used to asphalt the road.

“But it is categorized as the toxic waste and the stakeholders should pay 400 dollar per ton to throw it away. If it is so, the category of toxic waste in glycerine pitch could be substituted, there would be more additional values,” Tatang said in a discussion in Jakarta where InfoSAWIT did attend recently. Besides, the oleo-chemical product could be used to woof.

Prof. Lienda Handojo explained that the refining crude palm oil (CPO) process would make about  4% of Palm Fatty Acid Distillate (PFAD). The PFAD production reached 1,6 million tons in 2018. Of the numbers, about 1 million tons were exported. As a matter of fact, PFAD is potential to be the material to produce calcium fat which functions as the supplement for the ruminant animals.

PFAD for the woof has additional values, such as, to increase the milk about 5-8%, accelerate the weight of female cow after giving birth about 23,6%, and increase the fat ingredients about 0,2-0,3%. “By using the PFAD in the cow or hen woof, the breeder would be able to buy the woof in economic price and there would be increasing income based on the researches we did,” Handojo said.

Abun Lie mentioned that the oleo-chemical industries would have good works in 2020 if the government encourages them because these industries are full of capital and technology. There are some factors influencing the oleo-chemical markets, they are, the lifestyle, and the increasing population. (T2)


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