Alternative Income, The Solution heading to SRP

Alternative Income, The Solution heading to SRP

InfoSAWIT, SIAK - Plasma Manager Kebun Buatan, Asian Agri, Djuamsyah said that the smallholders who become the partners of Asian Agri have got skill by running the alternative income. This would be the source of income before their palm oil plantations productive for having the smallholders’ replanting program (SRP).

In general he continued, the alternative model of income is done by running the integrated agricultural method by cultivating the rests of smallholders’ areas. For instance, he said that the smallholders would advantage the areas (yard) in their houses to make horticultural garden, plant paddy or make catfish pool or others.


“In general the financing for the training and the learning of alternative income is from the premium sharing of sustainable palm oil and it is regularly given to the smallholders,” he recently said in Siak. (T2)



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