SPKS Rohul Urged that the Fair Sharing Profits

SPKS Rohul Urged that the Fair Sharing Profits

InfoSAWIT, PONTIANAK – Palm oil plantation sector is the strategic one to give the exchange to the country. It could be said that the sector defeated others, such as, oil and gas and mining. For information, the exchange from palm oil in 2017 reached Rp 320 billion.

Chairman of Serikat Pekerja Kelapa Sawit (SPKS) Rokan Hulu, Riau, Yusro Fadly said that the sharing profit in palm oil sector from the central government to the districts producing palm oil is not balanced yet.

He gave example in District of Rokan Hulu as the widest one in Riau where palm oil is planted, reaching about 553.000 hectares (ha). “But the profit sharing from palm oil plantation is not maximal to Rokan Hulu in specific and Riau in general,” he said in the spare time of Indonesia Palm Oil Smallholders Conferences & Expo in Pontianak.

Besides the profit sharing, he also told about palm oil issues, namely about the independent smallholders, such as, the governance, the area legal, and infrastructure in the plantations. Namely for the Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA), he hoped that PFMA should not focus to the replanting program only.

“I hope that the fund from PFMA should not be focused to the replanting program only but also to train them, map their plantations, and develop the plantation infrastructures,” he said. (T2)


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