Yayasan Korindo and District of Bogor Develop the City Forest

Yayasan Korindo and District of Bogor Develop the City Forest

InfoSAWIT, BOGOR – As the forestry and plantation company, Korindo Group keeps trying the best to contribute in the environmental subsidiary. This is the main reason for the company to develop the city forest around Stadion Pakansari, Cibinong, District of Bogor, West Java, Saturday (30/11/2019).

This time, Korindo Group through Yayasan Korindo and the regional government of Bogor did Green Collaboration to develop the two hectare - city forest.

The first city forest development was done by planting the little trees directly by Regent of Bogor, Ade Yasin; Senior Vice President Korindo Group, Robert Seung; General Secretary, Yi Sun Hyeong; Deputy of South Korea Ambassador in Indonesia, Jeon Joyoung; and other officers in district of Bogor.

“This time we collaborate with the District of Bogor to develop for about two hectare – city forest around stadion Pakansari. Though it is small one, we hope that it could be as the lung of the city in Bogor. In the future, we hope to develop the same kind in other regions in Indonesia sustainably,” Robert Seung said as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

He who is as th chairman of Yayasan Korindo said that in 2008, President Indonesia announced that every 28 November would be the “Hari Menanam Pohon Indonesia” and Desember is as “Bulan Menanam Nasional”.

That is why the city forest planting could be the right moment to gather the spirit in Bulan Menanam Nasional. This could be real support of Yayasan Korindo to the government’s program to conserve the environment in Indonesia.

He also said that President Indonesia in 2009 once planned ‘One Man One Tree’. Within the spirit, Yayasan Korindo is happy to be part in the Green Collaboration like the day (30/11).

In the city forest development, Eucalyptus deglupta was chosen as the single kind of plantation to plant. It grows fast, relatively easy to grow and good as the vegetation of the city forest in Pakansari.

“About 2.000 trees we plant is for the District of Bogor and for the future of our earth. Let make it successful,” Robert Seung said.

In the Green Collaboration, Yayasan Korindo would plant and monitor the nurse for the next several years. This is the first step to kinds of green and environmental program in District of Bogor. (T2)


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