Maintain the Palm Oil Sector

Maintain the Palm Oil Sector

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The assumptions saying that palm oil plantations are not good do not make the commodity have bad images. Palm oil has become one bigger exchange provider to Indonesia. But the area development in the future should not be palm oil only but could be others.

The ‘naughty’ in palm oil sector is difficult to explain. It needs clarification from every stakeholders and we could deny about it.

“Palm oil sector has become the source of economy for 6,7 million families, but the numbers are not the others in the families, such as, the children. It means, the numbers are more.,” General Secretary of Plantation, Ministry of Agriculture Indonesia, Antarjo Dikin said in the seminar in Jakarta recently.

Actually palm oil is the interesting commodity though it is cheap now. but the policy of energy development (biodiesel) in palm oil – base, it is hoped to support palm oil usage in Indonesia. “To support the policy, it needs to maintain palm oil well to have the supply running well. If not, there would be issues,” he said. (T2)


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