Minamas Helps the Seaweed by Giving 10 Boats and Machines

Minamas Helps the Seaweed by Giving 10 Boats and Machines

InfoSAWIT, MOROWALI – PT Tamaco Graha Krida (TGK), the subsidiary of Minamas Plantation gave 10 boars and machine to the seaweed farmers in Village of Petoboa. The helps are responsibility of PT TGK to realize the seaweed agricultural development around the areas where the company operates. The helps were directly given by the Regent of Morowali, Drs. Taslim to 70 seaweed farmers in Village of Pebotoa.

“We know that the seaweed agriculture plays the important role to welfare the people here. Most of the villagers earn their living as the seaweed farmers. As the stakeholder, we want to contribute to the progress and welfare of the villagers where we operate. This is our corporate social responsibility (CSR),” representative of PT, Dwi Edi Catur Sukaryan said as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Wednesday (4/12/2019).

Catur continued that his side would give not only 10 boats and machines but also waring to dry the seaweed to keep the seaweed quality good.

“These are the synergy among the government, the villagers, and the company to advance the local industry through the CSR which is given not in the form of money but work capital,” he said.

Meanwhile Head of Village of Pebotoa, Arman said that the boats and machine would increase the quality and result of the people. “The seaweed is one mainstay commodity in this village,” he who represented the seaweed farmers, said. (T2).


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