KUD BUM Got Replanting Fund Rp 21,5 Billion from PFMA

KUD BUM Got Replanting Fund Rp 21,5 Billion from PFMA

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Koperasi Unit Village of Bangkit Usaha Makmur (KUD BUM) in Village of Bencah Kesuma, sub district of Tandun has about 907,85 hectares, members 372 families, and gets the fund help from Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) about Rp 21,5 billion.

Chairman of KUD BUM, Khoirum said that the smallholders’ replanting program (SRP) within about 857 hectares (ha) is done in three phases. The first covers 447 ha, the second would cover 410 ha, and the third would be in 50,86 ha. The SRP is realized by the cooperation with PT Rohul Sawit Industri (BGA Group), and PFMA. 

Every phase is the wise solution because not every smallholder has the same thought about the advantage of SRP. “Some were doubtful and should see the result first. But after one year, the result existed. Many proposed and listed to join the SRP within the help fund from PFMA,” he said.

In the previous, the smallholders could produce 1,7 tons per ha within the ‘single management’. The smallholders could not do much because the partner (company) did the cultivation. Now by fund help from the government, and the development from PT RSI, he is optimist to get more than 3 tons per ha. Besides, the smallholders would get knowledge from the company about the agronomy within the practice.

He continued that the SRP would be done within intercrop for about 447 ha. “We recommended the second phase SRP in KUD Bangkit Usaha Makmur within the intercrops, corn. The goal is that the smallholders would get the alternative income,” he said.

The biggest SRP Riau province is the help fund from PFMA which is facilitated the local partner, that is, PT Rohul Sawit Industri (RSI) – the subsidiary of BGA Group. Each smallholder would get Rp 25 million. For the smallholders have safe in theKUD about Rp 10 million, they could maximize the fund to buy certified seeds, fertilizers, and others.

Plantation Agency, District of Rokan Hulu facilitated KUD BUM to buy the certified seeds from  Pusat Penelitian Kelapa Sawit (PPKS), both in numbers and price. And then it is followed up by the Surat Perjanjian Kerjasama (SPK). (T2)


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