Plantation Day: PT Hindoli Is Inaugurated for Its Commitment to Sustainable Development

Plantation Day: PT Hindoli Is Inaugurated for Its Commitment to Sustainable Development

InfoSAWIT, MALANG – In the peak of Plantation Day in Politeknik Pembangunan Pertanian (Polbangtan), Malang, East Java, Tuesday (10/12/2019), palm oil plantation company, PT Hindoli was inaugurated as the company which is committed to “The Increasing Production and Sustainable Plantation Development”.

The award was directly given by General Director of Plantation, Ministry of Agriculture, Kasdi Subagyono and accepted by Head Plasma PT Hindoli, Joko Wahyu Priyadi.

Joko Wahyu said that the award is the evidence of its commitment to implement sustainable palm oil practices and the commitment to obey the regulation about sustainable cultivation.

“PT Hindoli (Cargill)  is committed to obey the every regulation in sustainable palm oil cultivation for years,” he said, Tuesday (10/12/2019).

From what InfoSAWIT noted, the main industry of PT Hindoli, Cargill Tropical Palm, Pte. Ltd., is known to implement the sustainable practice in palm oil plantation. After officially operating in Indonesia since 1996, Cargill Tropical Palm (CTP) Holdings Pte Ltd which the head quarter is in Singaport, the company directly acquired palm oil plantations in Indonesia.

Though actively expanding the plantation, the company keeps obeying the regulation to the sustainable cultivation. It is normal if the company is highly committed to implement the sustainable cultivation.

The other evidence is that in July 2011 Cargill claimed to produce the crude palm oil (CPO) which is sold to Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, and the United States of America (USA) has passed the sustainable certification from Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

After Cargill got the RSPO certificate through its subsidiary, PT Hindoli in 2009, the company got International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) for the plantations. Not only the main ones but the plasma plantations finally also got the RSPO and ISCC certificates.

The company implements the sustainable scheme in Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO). In 2013 PT Hindoli got ISPO certificate, then in 2017 the other subsidiary of Cargill, PT Poliplant Sejahtera got ISPO certificate. It is said that two other subsidiaries are in process to get ISPO.

In the future, Cargill is also committed to implement the sustainable palm oil cultivation and produce 100% of sustainable CPO to fulfill the consumers’ needs on vegetable oil in the world.

To realize it, Cargill takes the international environmental non-government organization to assess the CPO suppliers to the company in Indonesia.

The company cooperates with Fauna & Flora International to identify and make the conservation areas for orangutan in Kalimantan. The company has planned to cooperate with the Ngo, ministry of environment and forestry, and the regional governments to re-design the areas where the orangutan lives and the protection programs.

The environmental commitment of Cargill to realize the sustainable palm oil plantation, as a matter of fact, is not words only. Many sustainable certificates that Cargill got become the evidences that the company seriously cultivates palm oil sustainably. (T2)


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